Monday, January 29, 2007

A Boondoggle - Photos, Class, and Cars

So I finally have something exciting to blog about, although not all of it is particularly the good kind of exciting. More on that later.

Misty and I went on a 'boondoggle' as Peter likes to call it. When I asked him what exactly a 'boondoggle' was he said they use the term at HP when someone goes on a training trip that is really for partying. (New vocabulary for you, Amy.) So in many ways this was a boondoggle, as Misty was able to leave the children for two nights and do something just for her... and I was there for moral support.

We flew out Friday afternoon to Portland, rented a car and drove down to Salem where we met up with an Alaska friend, Jen Morris. We had a good time catching up with her. It is always good to see a face from home. Then we drove on to Joani (Kroon)Curtis' house in Albany. She and her husband Mark took us out for some delectible, and maybe a little over the top, dessert. Joani and I stayed up too late talking, but Misty was perfectly happy to go to bed early with no baby monitor.

We were up early on Saturday to drive down to Eugene for a photography weekend put on by Rocky Mountain School of Photography which turned out to be excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about photography. We were on overload by lunch time when we met up with Joani and her mother-in-law (her father-in-law was also at the workshop) for lunch. We were ready for more after lunch. I learned a lot about working my camera in manual setting, color, shooting low light situations, digital photography, shooting motion and landscape... and so much more. Misty's take on it "I learned so much my head is still spinning. Give me a few weeks to practice before you see a difference on the Neisen Times".

The weekend, unfortunately for you, my readers, did not have any actual photography by us... well until after the workshop ended... but that is coming. I, however, have high hopes of improving my photography and showing you great shots one day.

Saturday night we stayed at a hotel in Eugene and arrived bright and early to pack in as much learning as possible. One of the highlights was a critique the last session where the instructors talked through some photos submitted by participants. The weekend was full of great shots and learning. Now I just have to take the time to practice it.

It was also a bit of a research trip for me personally. RMSP has a summer intesive program that goes 11 weeks and teaches you all aspects of photography including how to start your own business and go professional. I have toyed with that idea some and wanted to explore it this weekend. I have not come to any amazing conclusions. But I know if I did work with RMSP they would have an outstanding program. So I am still praying about it and weighing all the pros and cons.

Now on to that exciting thing to blog about that wasn't good. As we were driving north to PDX we had an unfortunate event with the rental car that may prove to be expensive. Let's jut say the in an attempt to miss hitting a car we overcorrected, fishtailed, and ended up in the median with a popped tire, cracked front bumper, and scuffed back bumper. God was taking care of us because we did not roll or hit any other cars. Misty was great and changed the tire to the donut and we proceeded on to PDX where we were able to turn in the car, make a statement, and still make our flight. Today was the joy of insurance, that I am sure will not be over soon enough.

Anyone wishing to make donations to the Sister Boondoggle fund, please feel free to send those funds on.

And this is where the photos come in... we took pictures of the car damage.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Happenings

Things in my life that are blog-worthy:

I was offered a part time job as a tutor in a tutoring center last Monday. But it is a new center and they also asked me to work some hours doing administration. So I have started going from one job to the next. I am thrilled that God has provided work for me. But I am not used to working full time and it makes me tired.

Misty and I are going to Oregon the last weekend of January to a photography weekend seminar for her birthday. It should be a fantastic weekend of seeing friends and enjoying my favorite hobby.

My latest niece will be born in a few weeks and I am so excited to add to the fun.