Thursday, May 28, 2009

Morgan's Wedding Shower

Last weekend I had the honor of photographing the lovely Morgan's wedding shower. It was the most beautiful wedding shower ever. Here are a few photos to tease you. I have put up a slideshow of images from the afternoon. Click Here to see the slide show. You want to go, it is worth it!

What a view!

The most delicious lemon cake I have ever tasted!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

THE Project

Here is a fun slide show I created with a new piece of software I just got. It was a good excuse to learn my new program.

Hope you enjoy the transformation. There will be more to come as the new deck gets added on.

Alaska in Summer

For those who have never been to Alaska in summer, it is akin to a spiritual experience. I am claiming this as my excuse to not blogging lately. The weather has been simply divine and I am having a very hard time staying indoors. This makes many things take a back seat to the heavenly scents that blow through the trees.

Although there is much that is to savor, we have been working on THE project around here. Removing and replacing our very large deck. It had been showing its age and started to become a health hazard as more and more boards rotted through. I do have a progression of photos of its demise, but they are yet to be uploaded to the computer. Maybe tomorrow... it is suppose to rain.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back in the USA

What a great adventure the last two weeks have been. A fantastic way to spend a birthday, but I am glad to be home. Here is a little slideshow of some of my favorite photos of the trip.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Still Here

I haven't blogged in a few days. Amy showed up on Thursday and Lorrie left this morning. We had tea at Kensington Gardens, saw Wicked the musical, found a normal shopping area, went to the British Museum, heard Vivaldi at St Martins-on-the-Green, and lots more. Just a few more days.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Tower of London

Today we spent 5 hours at the Tower of London. I think I am starting to pick up on the British history and line of kings. Our guide was Fell, today. He was a Yoeman Warder and had a fantastic sense of humor. Wish I could share his photo with you on this post, but no way to get it to you yet.

Amy comes tomorrow morning.

PS Sarah, I saw where 3 of the 6 wives' were buried and thought of you all day. Glad to hear you are still in Wasilla ;-) I will know where to find you with your London treasure I picked up for you.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


We spent the day in Oxford... so much history is such a small area. Time is a bookstore, dinner in a pub, a lovely guide named Charles that taught us all about Oxford and British history, evensong at Christ Church College chapel. One lovely day!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Across the Pond

So things never quite work out like you plan. Murphy's law is in effect especially in the case of travel. I made it to Chicago with no problem. But the next morning when I was checking in for my flight at 7am, I was informed that it had been canceled and I was rescheduled for the 5pm flight. There went my hopes of flying during the day and arriving at night. Then after a phone conference with Lorrie, who had received a 4am call about the cancellation which I had missed, we discovered that we were no longer seated next to each other. At one point, just before the flight we thought we had fixed the seat arrangement only to find stubborn neighbors that would not be persuaded to change with us. So I sat with a young mom, pinned in my bulkhead seat by a bassinet and Lorrie with a grumpy woman 10 rows back.

We arrived at 6am, stood in a very long customs line, and then took a bus to the hotel we had booked and paid for... but which we only spend 3 short hours in... enough to shower and re-group. The tube took us to our stop and we found our hotel with no problem. The room... 5th floor with no elevator. So we are getting good exercise. We headed out to find a meal and then to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. On our subway ride home it was all we could do to keep our eyes open. We bought sandwiches at the train station and ate them in our room to the BBC and promptly fell asleep with the tv on and still in our clothes. An hour or so later we woke and really went to bed... I think it was 9pm.

This morning we let ourselves sleep in before heading to the British Gallery and Westminster Abby. We had some yummy fish and chips this evening... with terrible service. But here we are back at the hotel and thinking about heading to bed.

More to come...