Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

More than 10 years ago this evening I sat on the tatami mat floor of my little Japanese apartment and poured my heart onto paper. I wrote about childhood memories and Christmas. They were thoughts and memories that were flying around in my head as I had my first Christmas in Japan and away from any family. I was bit teary-eyed and very sappy. Just two pages of memories and thoughts and I was done. A simple ode to the holidays and love of my family. Then I decided that I wanted to share it with my mom because I knew she would love it. My siblings and parents were on a road trip together to see extended family. So I made an international phone call and got a fax number. Later that day I was able to talk to them and learned that they read it out loud to everyone and made them cry. Not what I expected, but it made me feel like I was a part of the family from far away.

Tonight I was driving home after a Christmas Eve party with dear friends and began to feel a bit nostalgic for my family and Christmases past. This triggered the memory of my Japanese Christmas so many years ago. I have had many Christmas experiences in new places and with new people. Each year seems to be different and memorable.

With only a few more minutes left this Christmas eve, I am wondering where I will be next year and who I will be celebrating Christ's birth with.

Merry Christmas! May you know God's richest blessings this year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow, Snow and MORE Snow

When compared to Valdez, who was smothered with more than 6 FEET of snow this week, the nearly 2 feet we received, was minor. But still, I had to shovel snow 4 out of 5 days this week. And I didn't shovel today because I am really hoping that I can just get plowed out and not have to do it by hand. I did shovel a path to the wood pile and to the front door. My car plowed the top 4 inches or so down the driveway. Maybe I will get a photo of my snow paths for you in my next post.

It is truly breath-taking to be out in the white-covered world, though. And I LOVE a good snow year. It makes for a beautiful world and is lots of fun to play in!

This is the view from my front door... check out the stack of snow on the deck rail!

This is the view out the living room window...with my very Alaskan Christmas tree.

And this is the back deck. You can see where I have been shoveling to get out to the wood pile. This was just before I went out to shovel AGAIN.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not your normal doctor's office

Office photos are supposed to be stuffy, right?! Not this fun staff from Sleeping Lady Women's Health Care. They asked me to shoot a staff photo and a fun photo for their office Christmas card. We had a blast in their new office that they will move into in the next couple of weeks. And then back in their current exam room. (This shoot made me think of some of the crazy shots we had at RMSP in studio class. Allison would be proud... well, except that I used my Speedlite with a Gary Fong and not a strobe... but don't tell her!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Enchanted Engagment Session

It was an enchanted afternoon in the snow. Liz and Jordan were awesome models and all around amazing people. We had a lot of fun in Hatcher Pass as we stopped to shoot for awhile, jumped back in the car to warm up and go to the next spot, and then jumped out for a few more shots. They were even game to try to get a shot with the snowboarders and sledders at 16 mile. It took a little convincing to get the boarders and sledders to believe that I wanted them in my shot and that yes, they could go ahead... just don't hit the cute couple kissing.

Here are a few favorites. Click here for the entire slideshow.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Joys and Sorrow

The last few weeks have been filled with many extreme emotions.

A sweet, young, dark-haired beauty that I met when she was a shy 7th grader 10 years ago, passed away. I had the privilege of loving her and walking through a portion of her life with her. As sad as my heart is for loosing her, it is also filled with joy at knowing that she is now perfectly perfect in the hands of Jesus.

A dear friend was able to come to say good-bye with us. When she came, she brought much joy and the answer to many prayers. This sweet sister became a prayer for me nearly 5 years ago. Today, she is the joy of her family and dearly loved.

Today I am working on wedding albums for my amazing clients. The joy I see in the images can almost be touched. What celebration a wedding can bring... so many hopes and dreams.

In it all and through it all, God is good, God is faithful, God is unchangeable, God is love.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Senior in the Snow

Nicole is my only high school senior with snow photos. It was cold. But it was so amazing. The weather cooperated and the night before it snowed enough to have the trees beautifully dusted. We had fun dashing out to take a few photos and then going back to the cars to warm up. Simply breath-taking.

Thanks, Nicole and Jessica, for a great shoot. You are both awesome Alaskan women!

These are a few favorites. Click here for the entire slide show.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flamingos in Alaska

I was asked to photograph some unusual clients a few weeks ago. Our local Young Life group wanted to advertise a fundraiser to help kids get to camp. Thus, I spent a Saturday afternoon in the company of several plastic pink friends and an awesome assistant, Heidi. We traveled around the Mat-Su Valley posing the birds in key locations. We had a lot of fun creating fun shots with them. Here are a few of my favorites.

Monday, November 09, 2009

An Ode to Snow

We knew you would come. You always come. But why did you wait so long this year? Do you hear all of the cheering for your appearance this morning? Now our world is frosted and so much more cheerful. My fireplace seems more cozy. My day seems filled with more hopes and dreams. I almost don't want to leave my house today... as it will surely mar the beautiful, sparkling landscape. Christmas seems somehow more tangible. Winter adventures are on their way. And oh, the photos that are waiting to be taken!

I am so glad you finally came, Snow!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I had such a blast with these ladies. Lots of laughter and beautiful smiles. They have been close friends since they were little girls and wanted to have photos together for their senior year.

Here are some favorites. You can check out the entire slideshow here.

Alaska Grown and proud of it!

They really should have a cd out... just so we can put this one on the cover

Check out all of their beautiful, blue eyes.

Thanks for the fun afternoon, girls!

Something New

I discovered these Mini Accordion Albums not too long ago. The more I looked into them the more I loved them! Yesterday, I got my first order and they look awesome.

They are 3x3 (square) or 2.5x3.5 (rectangle)... perfect to carry in a purse or have in your desk at work. Then there are the covers... lots to choose from AND they are magnetic so the book stays closed when you carry it around. They come in sets of 3 so they make great gifts, too.

I think my clients are going to love these Mini Accordion Albums as much as I do!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

I spent much of today with my computer. We are working well together these days. Lots of quality time. Today was spent working on an ad for the Alaska Bride and Groom magazine and a couple of new products that I am getting ready to offer. (more on that soon)

What do you think? (the color is a bit strange do to some mode changing I had to do to get it on my blog)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Celebrating 6 Months

I launched my website 6 months ago last week and I want to celebrate that milestone with you.

I spent a little time this weekend looking back over my blog since that day. So much has has happened. I have photographed breath-taking brides, oh-so-in-love couples, sweet newborns, stylish high school seniors, adorable families, a life-changing business, fun events and a little of my own stuff on the side.

When I look back over the last six months I am in awe of all that I have had the honor of being a part of and photographing. I have been stretched, grown, and changed. Yet I still have a long way to go... a lifetime perhaps.

Things I know:
I still love my job.
Being self-employed is great and hard work.
I have a LOT to learn yet.
I am excited about the future.
I like new gear.
I love it when a client emails me or calls me to tell me that my images brought tears to their eyes.
I can't wait to see what this year brings.
Alaska is still an amazing location to shoot.
I feel so blessed by all that God has given me.
I will continue on this journey.
I hope you will be someone who joins me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bacon Bits

What an adorable, fun family! And they are my friends! How lucky am I?! Amanda and Jeremy and clan had me over one evening for a little photo session. They are in the process of adopting and needed some updated photos of the family. We picked the perfect evening because two days later the leaves were completely gone. I had such a blast with their family. Aren't they adorable?!

Here are a few favorites. Click here for the entire slideshow.

Can I have have some freckles just like these?

LOVE this shot!