Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flamingos in Alaska

I was asked to photograph some unusual clients a few weeks ago. Our local Young Life group wanted to advertise a fundraiser to help kids get to camp. Thus, I spent a Saturday afternoon in the company of several plastic pink friends and an awesome assistant, Heidi. We traveled around the Mat-Su Valley posing the birds in key locations. We had a lot of fun creating fun shots with them. Here are a few of my favorites.


Sodak Girl said...

From! Seems almost like a season change. :D

lasesser said...


I love the flamingo shots! Our YL area did the flocking fundraiser last summer (I did marathon flocking for something like 25 nights in the month of June with some sophomores that had all just gotten their licenses). It was insane and fun, and a huge success. People really got into it. I have a story for every house we flocked. I hope the fundraiser goes well. I'm excited to hear you're getting involved in YL!

HereBeDragons said...

Too fun!

Friar Tuck said...

looks like a lot of fun

rubyslipperlady said...

My faves are the driver and the coffee drinkers (or is that chai?)!

goodeda1122 said...