Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alaska in Summer

For those who have never been to Alaska in summer, it is akin to a spiritual experience. I am claiming this as my excuse to not blogging lately. The weather has been simply divine and I am having a very hard time staying indoors. This makes many things take a back seat to the heavenly scents that blow through the trees.

Although there is much that is to savor, we have been working on THE project around here. Removing and replacing our very large deck. It had been showing its age and started to become a health hazard as more and more boards rotted through. I do have a progression of photos of its demise, but they are yet to be uploaded to the computer. Maybe tomorrow... it is suppose to rain.

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Sodak Girl said...

I wish I had plans to come grab some of that Divine Alaska Summer! Enjoy some for me, okay? I can't complain, actually. Kansas has been pretty wonderful lately, too. :D