Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just can't leave...

So I gave in and am staying for the babies. I changed my ticket and now leave on Sunday morning. The babies will probably come on Friday so that gives me a day to love on them before I head out. It was just too hard to leave after being here for almost two weeks and not seeing them.

I will be in Alaska for two weeks and then plan to come back to Boise for 10 days the beginning of July. Then it will be back to Alaska for my last trip with my youth group girls before the final move. At this point I am planning to take my car by ferry after the youth trip. I think I will be down here for good by the beginning of August. Those are the plans... and as we know, they can always change.

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so-dak girl said...

I'm glad you're staying. It's definitely the thing to do!

Me? I spent over 5 hours in the saddle today, and needless to say, I'm very sore in all the wrong places. :) But I got to ride with Dad, sorting and moving cows and putting out bulls. And I rode with Elaina tonight up to the butte. Life on the ranch is sweet!

Give my love to Misty Peter Lizzy and the new little ones. I don't have her e-mail address here, and I don't know if Mom does. We're praying for you all. Love, lkib