Monday, October 08, 2007

Lorrie and the Mountains

Last October I had the awesome opportunity to go on a month long road trip. I was able to visit many family and friends across the US. One of those stops was to see my college roommate Lorrie in Jefferson City, MO. This year Lorrie came to visit me. It was great to have someone make to trip out here. I had to work a little. (Follow up from the golf tournament... which went very well, by the way) But I was also able to borrow a cabin in the mountains for the weekend. So Lorrie and I drove north to Donnelly. We hung out in front of the fireplace eating chocolate, watching girl movies, and catching up on life. We drove around soaking in the scenery (when the car cooperated) It started raining on Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning we woke up to the mountain peaks around us dusted with snow. Winter is well on its way in the mountains of Idaho. I brought my camera along and here are a few of the fun photos from our adventure.

Poor Lorrie. Be warned that if you ever go with me when I am hunting a good shot, you may end up as Lorrie did. Sitting and contemplating trees while I crawl around in the forest or spend quality time with a flower, leaf or pond. Thanks, Lorrie!

PS Stay tuned for another post on the saga that is my car and the fun Lorrie and I had with it while adventuring.


Sodak Girl said...

Ahhhh.... You never disappoint me. The fall colors and 'tall trees' make me want to head west! (It's still in the 80s here!) It was good to see a glimpse of Lorrie. Isn't it nice when someone comes to see YOU?


Anonymous said...

oh Lorrie!!
very "Natsuka-shii" !!

I wish I could hang out with you there...
But it was nice to see the pictures of you and Lorrie!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics, can't believe you actually got one of LC!! First time I visited, I'll try to stop by again soon! Love,

hashbrowns said...

those are brilliant pictures, dear friend... I love what you do with a camera. As I slowly scrolled down to see each picture, I'd think, 'Aha! That's my favorite! I'll tell Carrie in a comment that this one right here is the best!" and then I would scroll down and see the next... they are beautiful. I wish I could have been there, too.


Kim said...

Hi Carrie!
Wow! Those pics make me so homesick! Like I wasn't already!!! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with Lorrie!


rubyslipperlady said...

I miss ya! You and Lorrie both look great! I havn't had much time online lately but am sitting at a coffee house eating it up (the chai and the internet). Hopefully life will settle a bit and I'll send out an update and we can get caught up!

I LOVE YOU said...


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