Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

December seemed to fly by so quickly. I do have things to blog about, but without the challenge it was harder to stick to my writing. I was even humbled my the fact that my mom blogged more than I did this month.

I even have a video to link in for you. Last month I talked about Lizzy singing Baby Face and promised to put a clip on if I could. Peter cut the video for me of just Baby Face... enjoy. If you have more time, the whole preschool program is on Pete & Misty's web page.
The holiday vacation around here didn't quite turn out like we had hoped. Joe started the fun on Friday when he started throwing up. This fun has traveled throughout the house and we have all paid homage to the porceline throne. All productivity and activity that was unnecesary stopped. All healthy energy was spent cleaning up after the sick ones. This will explain why all of my out of state friends have not received their gifts, nor are likely to for another week or so. The only benefit to this quick diet is that I will look great for my trip to Florida in two weeks because no holiday pounds are hanging around.

I hope you all had a much healthier holiday vacation. I also pray that you know the hope of Christ's birth and the reason for this holiday season.

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Sodak Girl said...

Hey, sorry about the unsolicited "diet" you have all been on! I hate being sick, but I like the feeling when I'm back to 'normal' but a few pounds thinner! What about the trip to FL? Who's there?
Your parents arrived in KS today. I'm looking forward to a few trips to 'Grandmas.' Happy New Year! Hope it holds lots of blessings for you!