Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life these days

We have had a taste of summer this weekend. But it isn't supposed to last. This weekend was in the 70's. It was wonderful to spend time outsideand I have seen several people with bright red sun burns. The kids didn't want to come inside after playing in the sandbox today. But it is supposed to drop 20 degrees by Tuesday. So we will still have some cool weather before it actually decides to warm up for the year.

Dad is doing pretty well with his chemo. He did loose all of his hair this week. Mom said that he doesn't look good bald. But he has learned how to tie a do-rag and ordered a new hat.

In 10 days I get to go celebrate my good friend, Anita at the beach in North Carolina! Definately something to look forward to.

Photography school count down... one month, two weeks and 4 days... and counting. Now if I could only find a cheap place to stay.