Sunday, September 28, 2008

Advanced Intensive Week 3

I don't even think I can remember all that I learned last week. But it was more computer editing, web site design, and marketing... I think.

Then on Saturday I went with Hannah, in white, and Andrea to Butte for an overnight adventure. We stopped in Deer Lodge at the old Montana State Prison and took lots of amazing photos. Then stayed in Butte at the Hotel Finlin. It is a very unique hotel with old style furnishing. We had a blast photographing Butte at night and a little the next morning. We had to stop back at the prison on the way home for a few more shots.

I found the trip very therapeutic as I was just shooting for me with no pressure. Here are a few shots that I really like.


Amanda and McKay said...

Aww so fun! I would have loved this trip!

I'm calling you soon...

hashbrowns said...

I love these, dear friend... the orange cushion especially. I instantly started putting a story with the picture.