Thursday, March 19, 2009


The day after I got back to AZ from California my cousin, Ryan and I went shooting. He is a great photographer with awesome gear and makes me quite envious. He took me to one of his favorite places to shoot, the Superstition Mountains. It was a beautiful evening and we stayed for a couple of hours. Thanks for taking me shooting, Ryan. Here are a few of those shots.


Ryan said...

You're very welcome!

I love the first image...such great light. I also like how through a narrow aspect ratio, the fourth image shows the cacti and the seemingly massive, towering, cliffs in the background. The framing is excellent!

Anyways, all great images, and thanks for going shooting. It was a great evening.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,

Nice pictures.

When are you coming to Seattle?


Jen Morris said...

Hey Friend!!! I love the new Pics! Sounds like a lot of fun and looks like it runs in the family, talent that is. I am currently just across the boarder from Yuma in San Luis on a 10 day mission trip. I am the team ASL interpreter HA! Too fun. You have inspired me to keep a blog and keep people posted on life. If you're close, and feel like an adventure you should stop by :)
Love you