Monday, June 08, 2009

Luke and Mayerly

Luke and Mayerly are two of the most kind-hearted, generous people I know. I watched them grow up and now have the honor of photographing their wedding next weekend. In anticipation of Luke and Mayerly's wedding, Marie (my second shooter) and I went out for a shoot with Luke and Mayerly. They took us to the home that Luke has been building for them. They looked great in the truly Alaskan surroundings and their future home.

Here is Luke and Mayerly's slideshow.

PS Awesome job, Marie! The top right one is Marie's and I LOVE it!


Kim said...

I'd say you really captured their love for each other!!! Good job to you both!

Marie VW said...

Thanks Carrie! It's been so fun learning and taking pictures with you!

Jen said...

AWESOME GIRLS!!!! Awwww gotta love L and M :) I hate that I am missing the wedding and all the other weddings this summer! At least I can count on you Carrie for sweet pics...thanks.