Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sarah's Senior Portraits

One of the last hot, beautiful evenings of summer and I got to spend it with Sarah! We had a blast dodging blueberry pickers in Hatcher's Pass and wading through a gorgeous field in the evening light. She even brought a friend along to laughed with us. Sarah, I love your laugh! You are beautiful inside and out! Thanks for the fun evening, girls!

If you know a senior don't forget to check out my senior special on my website.

Click here to view the entire slideshow.

Here are some of my favorites.


Sarah said...

I love them!

Jessica Raymond said...

Holy cow Sarah! Photogenic much?!! These are so beautiful. I'm totally taking Nicole here for her senior pics.

Naomi said...

Sarah, you look beautiful and Carrie, you're amazing. I almost wish I was a senior again, just so I could have a cool photo shoot like this.

ace said...

AMAZING photo shoot! I LOVE the location and the shots are perfect! Well done friend!


Kayla said...

you take some great photos Carrie, but it definitely helps that Sarah is so stunning :)