Monday, October 19, 2009

One of those days

Ever have one of those marketing days? No? I hadn't either until the last few months as my business has grown and demanded it of me.

I have never been drawn to sales, nor been particularly good at it. Even as a kid I hated the fundraising events where you had to sell wrapping paper to all of your neighbors in hopes of winning a prize of a cool duffel bag or sweatshirt. I never won a duffel bag, cool or lame.

Today I have had one of those marketing days. A day when I am trying to figure out how to convince people how cool my products really are and that they would really love them. I promise.

For example: I offer standout mounts to my clients. I absolutely LOVE the standout mounts. Prints are mounted on 3/4 inch lightweight board. No framing necessary. Ready to hand on the wall. They look so clean and modern. How could you not want one of these, or maybe 6?

The stakes are a little higher than the duffel bag and therefore a bit more motivating. However, my lack of great success in other sales portions of my life experience still haunt me. I wonder if I will ever grow into this part of my business.


Sodak Girl said...

You sold me! I want one! Can I have one with YOU in the photo? :D

Ryan said...

That's a great photo, and a great mount idea! I guess I've never given standout mounts much thought, but that is about to change. :)

rubyslipperlady said...

I unpacked your 2007 calendar the other day and still love it. Thinking of making something similar and yet I'm sure not nearly so cool for my KEnyan friends. I need to get on the ball though to send them over with a friend!

Kim said...

Dear Carrie, I'm not sure if you want input on this "sales" or not, but if I was a consumer, these are questions that I would ask about this product. Maybe other customers are wondering too?

First, how much does it actually weigh? Do I have to look for a stud in my wall, or will sheetrock hold it up?

Second, how does the picture stand up in humidity and sunshine without the glass covering. Maybe the glass covering doesn't really protect it? I don't know.

Third, how does one keep it cleaned/dusted?

Fourth, how does it compare in price to a matted framed picture.

Anyway, not sure you wanted input or not, but these are questions I had about the mounts. And, yes, they are really neat!

Love you! Kim

And, AMY - did you get this??? I would LOVE a calendar of KENYAn pictures for Christmas or Easter or whenever!

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