Friday, March 05, 2010

Spring is Coming.

Spring is coming. How can I tell?

The sun is setting well past 6pm now.
The Iditarod starts tomorrow.
I feel the travel bug itching my feet daily, (too bad it is a frugal insect).
The snow is looking dingy from melting.
The words 'Spring Break' are said gleefully by young and old.
All things pastel and 'Easter' are seen in the stores.
Target thinks that we should all be buying sun dresses and tank tops(however, highs in the 30's discourage this practice unless you are one of the lucky ones going to warm places for Spring Break).
Alaskans can be seen wearing only light jackets and long sleeve shirts as they declare it to be a warm day (highs in the 30's can be deceiving with the sun warming us again).
Cars are showing the tell tale signs of 'break up'. A thick coat of road slime that disguises the actual color of all vehicles except the one just pulling out of the car wash.

So here is to the powerful hope of Spring. We are so glad that it comes each year.


Sodak Girl said...

I love spring! J'aime le printemps! Adoro primavera! Jeg elsker fjær!

Jen Morris said...

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