Sunday, March 20, 2011

There and Back Again

Like Tolkein's lovable Bilbo, I have had an adventure. As I try to talk about my travel I feel a little like Bilbo trying to explain to his hobbit hole-loving people that there is a big, rich world out there that I wish you could see, taste, smell, and experience. How do I share the richness of these things?

There were things on my journey that were planned and happened just as expected. But there were also unplanned, colorful, surprising, and life-enriching experiences. I think that these unexpected things are what make each journey unique.

My goal in this blog is not to give you a play by play of my 3 week adventure. I just want to give you a little visual taste. Maybe you will be inspired to have your own adventure. To leave your hobbit-hole for a few days and embrace the unplanned and unexpected things that make an adventure rich, laugh-worthy, and retell-able.

Today's visual travel journal is the Philippines.


Anonymous said...

My wife loves your picture. It makes me think and remember some of my trips and things I have done with friends.

Jeremiah said...

I love these pictures too. I remember the Jeepnies from when I lived there in the mid-80s (I was 5/6). They're decked out like parade floats almost - the driver's pride and joy - and then packed to bursting with passengers. good times. -Jeremiah

jenny said...

oh carrie, these are such great pictures! I'm so glad you guys had that time with the kellers. my one question: if you could design your own jeepnie..?? :)