Friday, September 09, 2011

Dave and Aimy | Palmer, Alaska

Dave got the husband of the year award. Sorry, guys, you missed it. Dave asked me to do a photo session for his wife's 5 year anniversary gift. Their wedding photos were not what they hoped because of pouring rain and Aimy was always a little sad that she didn't get portraits outside.

We watched the weather closely for days before we did our shoot. And God was good to them and granted sun for their day. Aimy, because I love you, you get the out-takes (some pretty funny ones) and waaaaayy too images that most to choose from.

Here are a few favorites Click here for the slideshow.


Anonymous said...

Seriously??? I am totally jealous! You get the big brother of the year award too Dave! AWESOME pics Carrie! I know what I want for MY 5th anniversary! Incredible photos!


Naomi said...

These are the best EVER, Carrie! Aimy, I totally want to wear my wedding dress with boots on top of a haybale now. Nice work, friends! looks like a super fun evening, too.

Molly said...

Carrie, love these! My absolute fav, though, is that awesome shot of her upon the hay bail - WOAH!!!