Monday, January 30, 2006

Top 10 things I am looking forward to about going to Japan

10. Efficient use of space
9. Hot drink vending machines
8. Trains
7. Convienence stores that are truly convienent
6. Listening to fast Japanese
5. The white grape and aloe drink
4. The smell of tatami mat floors
3. Sleeping on real futons
2. Traditional Food
1. Old Friends


Friar Tuck said...

I am looking forward to hearing about your travels, but it doesnt sound too big man friendly to me.

Anonymous said...

WOOO-HOOO!!!! I cannot wait - and you get to show me all these things. lc

rubyslipperlady said...

I'm a bit jealous, but it all just makes me more excited about my own potential trip. yea! Have so much fun and hug those friends for me!

Anonymous said...

YUMMMY!!! White grape and Aloe drink....-Misty

Adopting Little Sissy said...

Can't wait to hear about this adventure...Did not realize there was a difference between real and fake futons! I am excited for you =)