Thursday, December 28, 2006

The News

Happy Holidays!
I have not been as good at posting on my blog in the last two months. Maybe I should make that a new year's resolution. The last month has gone by in a whirlwind of holiday fun. I have to admit that Christmas with small children is a lot of fun. Lizzy was so excited all day on Christmas... and the twins are just as cute as they can be... check out the latest snapshots

I had lots of plans to get projects done over the long weekend... but then I got a cold. Maybe next weekend.

I am still in search of a good part time job to help out with the pocket book. The best news is that God continues to provide for me. I have a house sitting job for 4-6 months starting this weekend. The camper is going to miss me... but it will be nice not to have to worry about the propane running out on the heater during cold snaps.

Oh yes, and my oh-so-generous sister and brother-in-law bought me a phone for Christmas... so I now have an Idaho number. I will hang onto the AK one for a little longer in transition. But it is a little sad to give up my AK number.


so-dak girl said...

Welcome back to the blog! I've missed you!

rubyslipperlady said...

I've missed you! Call me with the new numbers.

I understand the cold thing. My fam gave each other the flu for Christmas.

House sitting is my dream job, I'm telling you. No pets, one cactus and a whole house to myself that I do not have to pay for. That's the life, my friend, that's the life!

Hope yours is steller (both the house sitting gig and your life!)

Hugs to ya!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Kansas Carrie, Yes, those pictures of the kids are adorable and I'm sure that they keep you and their parents on the move. We had a wonderful time with family during the holidays, but of course we missed you all too. Sandy, Grandma and I went to a quilt shop about an hour away today. Was a nice day to be out and about. Take care, A. Cindy P.S. Julie updated our website. :-)