Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Walking with Friends

I have been walking occasionally with my friend Janelle. We went for an 8 mile walk on Saturday morning. It was a beautiful morning. Janelle is 7 months pregnant and very active. She set quite a pace for me to keep up. Especiallly since I have done almost no physical activity in the last 6 months. This is a picture of her and her dog Raja.

With the Learing Center, I have started tutoring a couple of times a week. I am enjoying being with students again. I am hoping that we get more student soon so I can get some more hours.

With the Young Life job: This weekend I am going to McCall with the Young Life leaders for their training retreat. It should be a fun weekend.

Mom is visiting and Dad will be here on Monday. It is fun to have them here enjoying the kids with us.

Happy 'flying-naked-baby-day' to all!


so-dak girl said...

Loved the 'friend and dog' photo. Glad to hear you are keeping in shape so we can go climb some Alaska mountains one of these days! :) (In our dreams, anyway!)

I was going to call this weekend, but I'll have to do that some evening instead since you'll be gone. Your new phone isn't with Verizon, is it?

rubyslipperlady said...

flying naked baby day?

do tell.

Anonymous said...

Not to speak for Carrie, but I believe the "flying naked baby day" was a reference to CUPID and Valentines Day. :)

dan said...

from one Lambing to another Hi carrie. I don't meet many Lambings outside of Pa. so I thought I would drop a line. Dan

carrie said...

Hi Dan,
There are a quite a few Lambings outside of PA... Let me know if you want to be connected and I can hook you up.