Thursday, February 22, 2007

Weekend Fun

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to McCall with a group of 20 Young Life leaders. Half of the group went skiing on Saturday but 7 of us hung around and played cards. I took a couple of hours to myself for a little photo taking. At one point I found myself up to my knees in snow, trying to get the shot I was hoping for.... not this one, but I like it. It was good to be in the mountains and meet some new friends.

It has been a fun couple of weeks. Mom and Dad have been visiting, doing thier best to spoil the kids and help potty train Lizzy (which is working, hurray). Joe has been sick, today the doctor diagnosed him having two viruses and have manifested themselves in two types of rashes. Poor little guy.

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Marie VW said...

Cool Picture Carrie!