Saturday, May 05, 2007

Studing for the ACT

The last couple of weeks I have been studying for the ACT test... I know, I know. I never thought I would have to take it again. After all, I have already graduated from college and I am not planning to go back (well not yet anyway). The reason for taking the college entrance exams at this point in my life... money. The tutoring center I work part time for offers test prep tutoring and to qualify to tutor the ACT's (and get paid a little more for it) I had to pass above a 27 (out of 36). I took the Reading and English on Thurday evening. And I am happy to report that I passed! It is quite a relief to know that my college education was not in vain.

Last weekend Misty and I were able to go to another photography weekend workshop put on my Rocky Mountain School of Photography (in Boise this time). This workshop was a digital weekend and I learned so much about working with digtal photography. I am exited about all the photo possibilities that are ahead of me. The only bummer about learning so much about photography is that it makes me want new and better equipment. So I am working on my photo wish list if anyone wants to donate to my favorite hobby.

I am heading up to Alaska this week. My birthday present to myself this year is to go home to my beloved Alaska and the wonderful friends I have there. And as a bonus, I will get to help Mom with Dad's retirement party and be home for mother's day. I am sure the days will be very full.

I will fill you all in on my adventures soon!

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rubyslipperlady said...

It all sounds fabulous! Happy Birthday to you! Many blessings on retirement for the folks!

Can't wait to see all the new photos. You know, you could get some great photos in Africa. hint, hint, wink, wink.