Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hand and Foot

While in college my good friend, Kim, invited me over to her apartment one evening to play games. Her grandmother was in town and a noted card shark. As I remember it the scene played out something like this: Kim, Kim's grandma, me and a single guy-that I beleive Kim was attempting to set me up with- sitting around a table eating M&M's and popcorn while Grandma was solemly explaining the sacred and extensive rules to a game called Hand and Foot that she played religiously with her friends. I know we played a long time that night and this game became one of the regular games played at any get together at Kim's place... whether in Kansas or Japan.

Kim didn't manage to set me up with any guys, but she did play a huge role in getting me to Japan. While we were both living in Japan Kim had several parties at her house. This almost always included great food and extensive games of Hand and Foot. We even figured out how to play with a lot more people or as few as three.

I believe it was the year I learned Hand and Foot that I introduced it to my family over the holidays. During the holidays my family spends together we always inculde a lot of hours playing games. Some times it is cards sometimes it is a board game, but alawys fun. And Hand and Foot became a fast favorite with everyone.

A couple of weeks ago Kim sent me an email asking if the Hand and Foot that is ALL OVER my families' blogs is the same Hand and Foot that her grandma taught me. Although I think it has changed some in some of the finer points and rules in my family, it is essentially the same. I have taught many, many people how to play and I know my parents are still teaching people. My grandmother loves to play with whoever will take the time. My cousins begged my parents to play with them over Christmas. It and Rook definately make an appearance at some point during a family get together. And today Lizzy heard us talking about it and insisted on playing 'Hands and Toes' with us. She was, however, a little disterbed when Peter used his foot. She kept saying over and over, "Dad, I don't have a foot."

Kim's grandmother passed away a few years ago, but her legacy lives on through the family of a shy college student that she played cards with. Thanks for sharing her with me, Kim.

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Kim said...

Dearest Carrie, I'm so glad you got to meet my grandma! I think it was pretzles and M and M's! My grandma enjoyed her life and games up until the day before she died. Now I play the games with my nieces, nephews and students. Soon it will be Jun's turn to learn!