Friday, February 01, 2008

Boondoggle Deferred

There was a plan for this week. Too bad our plans don't always happen like we hope. Today is Misty's 30th birthday and for weeks she has been working on a plan to go on a mini-vacation. She even asked Mom and Dad to come down to help with the kids. Then the sniffles started and we hoped that they would be short lived. It was not to be. Mom and Dad came but the kids had full blown double ear infections and the adults weren't doing so well either. So the trip was postponed and we have been wiping snotty noses, dispensing medicine, and praying like crazy that Mom and Dad won't get it. Poor Misty has been a good sport, but she is disappointed. Hopefully we can make it up to her one of these days.

Happy Birthday, Sister!

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Kim said...

I just saw the pic of you and the kiddos reading the book from Jun! They are SOOOOOO cute! I hope everyone is feeling much better soon! Can't wait to see you all in March!!!