Monday, December 22, 2008


Wednesday, December 10th
Boise, Idaho

Mom, Dad and I hooked up their camper to the suburban and headed down the road 'for the winter'. We didn't get away as early as we had hoped... but we did get out of town. We drove from Boise to Idaho Falls. We lived in IF for 13 years. Mom kept up with some friends over the years so we parked in Dave and Sara's front yard for the night. She fed us well and we had a nice visit with them.

Thursday, December 11th
Idaho Falls, Idaho

We got up early to meet another great friend for breakfast. Our next door neighbor for those 13 years came across town to have breakfast with us. It was great to catch up on his family as well.

Then we headed down the road with our destination of Cora, WY. Brother Wade is working with some cousins servicing equipment on oil rigs in that area. It was a fun drive through familiar scenery. We spent so much time camping and rafting in the area when I was a kid. We pulled into Wade's and Ty's about 1pm. They have a snug little house with a great view. We had fun hanging out with them for the rest of the day.

Friday, December 12th
Cora, Wyoming

We got up and had a great breakfast, fixed by the guys. They do very well for two guys 'baching' it. They know how to keep a clean house and cook tasty food.

We needed to get down the road because we kept hearing about weather that was coming from the west. And the wind did blow us around a bit across Wyoming. We ended up driving to Sydney, Nebraska. We stayed that night in the Cabela's campground there. It was a nice campground with hot showers and wireless internet.

Saturday, December 13th
Sydney, Nebraska

By this time we knew it was going to be a long day to make it all the way to El Dorado, Kansas that day. We drove to York, Nebraska and started south. When we started south the wind really started blowing us backwards. It had been a slow going trip already, but now it was really slow. We finally pulled into Sandy and Rodney's about 9pm and were so happy to be here!

To be continued...


Sodak Girl said...

Great to get a summary of the trek to KS. Love the sepia photo of the plains...

Kim said...

Hey friend! I'm waiting for the next episode! Love, Kim