Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Sunday, January 18
El Paso to Wilcox, Arizona

I think this may be the only campsite that we had that I didn't take a picture. Oh well, it wasn't much to rave about. It was actually not a state park, but an RV park. Just gravel and RV hookups.

Monday, Janurary 19
Wilcox to Maricopa, Arizona

We arrived at Uncle Norman and Aunt Connie's place. And we are parking her for awhile. This is my first taste of the Southwestern dessert. I am loving the warmer temps. My flip flops are out and the flip flop tan line is going strong. The first picture is of 3 of my grandma's siblings and their spouses. All three live down here in the winter.

And the second picture is at my aunt Peggy's house playing cards by the pool one Sunday afternoon.

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