Friday, February 13, 2009

A little more detail (before my battery runs out)

Dad, Chuck, Phil and several guys took a little trip down the river. I was asked to teach 4 high school guys a photography class for the three weeks we are here. So for an hour on Monday afternoons I pack in as much as I can.

We took a hike in the jungle and picked fresh fruit off the trees to take home with us. The oranges look like lemons and the lemons look like grapefruit.

I had the photography lab with the high school guys. Mom worked on making curtains for Cindy. And we had a terrific lightening storm all evening that lit up the sky around us.

Chuck and Phil worked on honey-do projects for Cindy including: porch outlets and a new porch light so we don't trip walking between houses.

Friday - today
We came to Manaus, a city of 2 million people for a little shopping and internet time. We had fun in the fruit, veggie and fish markets. Then had a great lunch with Phil and Cindy's good friends the Sharps. (pictures to come)

Saturday - I get to teach a photography class open to anyone one.

Sunday - the high school seniors are leading Sunday night church and Chuck and Laurel are helping with music.


Sodak Girl said...

Thanks, Carrie, for the photos and updates. Will you please take me on your next adventure?!?

Willo said...

Carrie, I enjoy reading about and seeing the sights of the Amazon area. Your beautiful photo of the stormy sunset over the Amazon is my wallpaper of the moment. It is truly lovely.
Great to be able to share these adventures with you this way.
Love Willo