Monday, May 17, 2010

Escalate 2010

I am in Newport Beach, California tonight. I came down for a photography conference with some amazing wedding and portrait photographers. The speakers are amazing and I have met some fantastic photographers from around the country, Canada, and Mexico. I listened to Dane Sanders, Becker, Jasmine Star and Julianne Kost today. I know many of you won't know who they are, but they are some pretty big names in the who's who of wedding photography... well, except for Julianne Kost. She is an Adobe Evangelist and has some serious Photoshop skills. I chatted with Becker at a book signing tonight and he wanted to see my drivers license because I was from AK. He was rather impressed that I share a birthday with Bono. Who knew?!

Tomorrow is another full day before heading to the airport. It will be fun to see what tomorrow brings.

The weather is very un-California like and that is rather disappointing. I actually walked to the conference in the rain this morning. Isn't it supposed to always be sunny in Southern California? But tomorrow I head to AZ where I am promised hot, sunny weather. I plan on having a nice tan when I go back north.


Missy said...

I SOOOO wish I was there with you! Hope you're having a great time and getting super inspired. I can't wait to spend a week with you in beeUtiful Alaska :-)

Kim said...

Have fun and learn tons! And, at least June is always bad weather in LA. At least overcast - much to my often disappointment! Wish you were coming by here! Love you lots!

Friar Tuck said...

You are getting close to June in SOCAL. And June is always the rainiest month in SOCAL.