Sunday, May 21, 2006

goodbyes are hard

I am tired of crying. I am not normally an emotional person but the fact that I am leaving soon really struck me this morning. It was Senior Sunday, when we honor the graduating seniors and they are apart of worship. I basically cried for 2 hours this morning. I think it freaked a lot of people out because I don't usually cry in public.

I feel the tidal wave of emotion coming. I don't really like being that out of control... but one of these days I am just going to be standing somewhere sobbing. Something fun to look forward to.


ace said...

Carrie...remember, like you said Thursday night, crying and being emotional is a part of closure. It's not fun to be "out of control" and not comfortable to cry in public (well, I think it is for Ellers, but not most people) :-). Know that it's OK and that we/I would be a little hurt if you DIDN'T cry some! It shows how much you love us here and that you'll miss us. Know too that you will be deeply missed here. I am not looking forward to the reality of that setting in for me this fall. You may get sick of me calling and emailing b/c I'll be in Carrie withdrawal!! I love you!!


rubyslipperlady said...

Don't keep it inside, my friend, that is far worse. Thanks for the call, I was in Iowa, I'll call you soon!

Mendy said...

The ache, the tears, they are all so significant in that they honor the relationships you've had and the memories that you've created. They're important. Don't disregard them.... someday you might even learn to appreciated them!