Saturday, September 30, 2006


Oh the many things I’ve seen and it’s only my first day! I was able to tear myself away from my adorable nieces and nephew about 11am this morning. And I have to admit it was with damp eyes that I pulled away.

So I was off across the desert of Idaho. Now some may think that this would be a boring drive, but I love to watch the colors and contrasts across the hills. I attempted a few pictures, but the skies were very hazy today. I am guessing it was farmers burning their fields. One of the most interesting things I spotted were the space-age windmills that were atop high hills every once in awhile like white sentinels ticking off the time.

Once I reached my half way mark for the day I started seeing the potato trucks… ah the memories … picking potatoes, gleaning potatoes… I think I even drove a car for the first time in a potato field. So I called my mom to reminisce of the good ol’ days in the fields.

I had finished my 16oz Americano with cream and two packs of raw sugar (not Kaladi’s coffee but it was fair) and was anxiously awaiting the next sign for a rest area when I spotted a sign for Bliss, Idaho… what a great name for a town. About that time I thought it would be Bliss-ful to have a rest area in Bliss. Some transportation engineer missed a brilliant opportunity by not putting a rest area in Bliss. I found a public restroom in Glens Ferry… not nearly so interesting. Although I have a faint memory of learning something about Glenns Ferry in my 4th grade Idaho unit.

My photography goal for today was to get to Mesa Falls before sunset. I made it with about 30 minutes to spare. I remember why this was such a favorite place for me to escape to when I was in high school. Although they have made board walks and won’t let you climb around on the rocks anymore… that was a bummer. But I did capture a few good shots. I raced around with my tripod and shoulder bag of lenses trying to get as much as possible while I still had light. It was good to get out of the car and be in the mountains. I wish I could say that I was able to spend significant time at Mesa Falls, but it was less than an hour. Then I had to zoom off because it was going to get really dark and I had at least an hour to drive.

I am now sitting in my Best Western room that I splurged on because it had free wireless internet so I could post on my blog. So having eaten an eclectic meal from my cooler and food stash, I am headed to take a bath and settle in for the night. My plan is to be up before sunrise to go over the Teton Pass and take pictures in the morning light.


Anonymous said...

What a amazing first day!! I hope that the trees are turning in Teton and Yellowstone for even more beautiful pictures!! Maybe you should stop and bring me home some potatoes!

Love yah!

Joani said...

You're adventure sounds great so far!! I'm a little bit jealous! Keep sharing the pictures!


so-dak girl said...

Very cool...I'm glad you slurged for that internet access! I'm sure your grandparents will be happy to see you, as will Beth and her gang.
I'll look for you around here one of these weeks. Thanks for keeping in touch!