Saturday, September 30, 2006


Postcard - Day 1
Mesa Falls


Kim said...

Dear Carrie,

How great! What a fun trip. Please drive safely and stay in safe places! I took my first "long" solo road trip from Oregon to.....Sterling, KS. Via Wyoming and SD and Nebraska. It was so so great! Thank you for the box also! Books have been read! Jun wore the top the next day to church with her grey pants - so cute and the perfect size! Can't wait for her to fit in the rest! I'm glad you heard about the Canada job. Now you can just enjoy! I'll be waiting for more pic's! Love, Kim

Adopting Little Sissy said...

Hi Carrie!

You are the adventure QUEEN! I love seeing where you are. What a beautiful time of year for photo sessions. Thanks for all the incredible shots of your day! I love that you are enjoying time away with God...right where He wants you, right now. Thanks for my sweet card & gift card!!! SO EXCITED to have an Anch day all to my very own self...well maybe I will have to take a girly with me, just not a Soph because others will have issues. Oh the drama. I love it!Have a super day/night and I will let you know when I make my great escape to town. Hugs, Jen

P.S. Pretty sure I will miss our non church chat at Bunko....We will give you a call.

Anonymous said...

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