Saturday, November 11, 2006

And the Journey Comes to an End

On Monday morning I lingered in my cozy little cabin in the mountains. My last morning of my journey. I didn't want to rush the end. I spent a little extra time getting ready, packing my bag and having breakfast with God. Then drove very slowly down the icy mountain into the rain. I stopped along the way to take some soggy pictures of a rainbow... a promise of hope that I wanted to capture for the next step in my life journey. I wound my way through Alpine Canyon and the memories of rafting there while growing up. It had stopped raining but it was a grey day. Grey as I drove through my childhood town of Idaho Falls and along the interstate of southern Idaho. I made it back to my starting point about 5pm with a sigh, a heart filled with warm memories, and a computer filled with new photos .


so-dak girl said...

Ahhh...the journey is complete. I must admit, I've been checking your blog a couple times a day lately, waiting for the final installment. :) Yep, I'm just another shameless fan!

Thanks for taking the time to let us all "join" you on your adventure. I hope you keep us up to date on the spiritual, emotional journey that God still is taking you on! And I promise to get my blog up and running soon. (I'm sure you're "dying" to hear all my deep secret thoughts!)
Love you!

Marie VW said...

What a fantastic picture to end your trip on! I love it! If you ever decided to make a coffee table book, that would be a great cover!