Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Moving Forward

After nearly 5 months of being unemployed (except for the week in August, which I don't really feel like I was employed) I have been offered a job. I interviewed last Thursday with YoungLife Boise for a part time administrative assistant for their youth program. Yesterday they called and offered me the job. It isn't enough to live on so I get the joy of juggling two jobs at some point. But I am excited to be able to work in ministry once again... and feel like I am moving forward instead of being in neutral. I also have an interview on Friday with the CASI Fountation for Children, a nonprofit adoption agency, as a part time administrative assistant for their international adoption program. So I may have two jobs before long... and then there is always Starbucks where I would be able to get my americano fix at least ;-)


so-dak girl said...

Bravo! Glad to hear of your job offer. And starting back at part-time is kind of the best of all worlds, if you ask me. You get to work--but it doesn't consume your life. And the off hours have lots of babies/people who need and love you! And then there's the other possible part-time job... Looking good, Girl! Yeah, God!

SKKD Lambing said...

Great job sister. You can always add Starbucks as your third job. I hear that Starbucks is raising their prices again;)



rubyslipperlady said...

Not to mention all the free coffee that you get to take home every week. Like a pound a week free or something. That's what I hear anyway. They wouldn't hire me. WHAT!?! I mean, besides the fact that I don't like coffee (which they never found out since they didn't even interview me.) What is this world coming to? I suggest a tea place instead. More character and lower key.

Good grief, who knew that I could ramble so much about this.

Friar Tuck said...

I am a peppermint mocha addict personally