Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This is Jun. I have been waiting almost two years to meet her.

Kim, her mom, has been a wonderful friend since I met her my freshman year of college nearly 12 years ago. We share many sweet memories of my college days, ministry, international adventures, and the ups and downs of life. Kim was with me on my first missions trip and my first trip to Hawaii. She stood beside me as I learned to live in Japan, translated Japanese tv over the phone for me, and cooked me American food whenever I visited her while we lived there. I was priveliged to go to her wedding and sent her packages of warm socks and books for Christmas.

A week or so after the twins were born I heard from Kim. She and her husband were given a precious baby girl to adopt. And she shares the twin's birthday. I was thrilled for this dream to come true for her.

Last week I met Jun for the first time. And she is truely a blessing. Jun, Kim, Ryu and Kim's parents all came to Boise. We were able to let the kids play together, go swimming, catch up on life, and go shopping. It was such a gift for me to have them come to see us.

The kids were fun. Jun freely gave them all hugs. Katie loved it while Joe wasn't so sure he wanted Jun that close. Lizzy was very concerned that she got enough time to play with Jun. And Jun loved playing with new toys.

Thanks Kim, Ryu and Jun for coming to Idaho!


Jen said...

CUTIE CUTIE CUTIE GIRL!!! Hey Carrie, how are you? Jun is adorable....my heart is worn out from being "prego" for 25 months. Whew..good thing my cravings arent choc and Lucky Charms..this time its PINK, DOLLS, DRESSES and anything that speaks "daughter" to me :) Are you going to Anitas bday thing? I've been updating our blog www.nighthowells.blogspot.com often so you can check out the fam/ministry there. Loveya, Jen

Elliott John said...

Hello Carrie,
This little girl is adorable! Once we talked on the phone I knew I better go to your blog and check out life. I update our own blog.. for the last 3 months. :) Thanks to you we have some pictures! The new big picture on your blog is gorgeous! Janelle

hashbrowns said...

I love the changes you've made to your blog! That flower in the field is beautiful... and Jun is precious... what a gift for you, huh? I love that you had such a kindred spirit come visit you...


Friar Tuck said...

Very cute! Good to see the pictures.

rubyslipperlady said...

wish I could've been there, they look great!