Friday, August 01, 2008

Alaska Friends

Tuesday night I got to hang out with my buddy, Rachel Kroon, and her kids. They were in town visiting family and I got to sneak in on a little of that time. I have known her for 8 years and for 4 of those years we lead a group of middle school girls together at church.

When I left Alaska 2 years ago she only had one little one... now she had three. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Rach, but here are her little ones.

Thanks Rach! What fun to catch up with you and play with your little guys!


Rachel said...

Thanks for meeting up with us! It's always a treat to see you and I hope we'll be seeing more of you later this fall!!??
Thanks for the cute pix of my kiddos- you always know how to capture good ones!

ace said...

Great pics as always Carrie! I'm glad you and Rach connected...makes me miss AK and our buddies there! Maybe we'll both be back by Christmas!