Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week 10

Things are wrapping up with the end of Summer Intensive (my first half) on the 15th. This week we had two finals. In Business and Marketing we had to turn in a business plan. I dreaded this final all summer, but it turned out ok. And it was a good exercise to think about how I would start a business. I also had a Lighting Class final that was five of my favorite images from studio. Which I have included for your viewing pleasure.

This week we also had final days in the print lab before our big Visual Studies project is due. We had an open studio time where we could do whatever we wanted with the studio strobes. And there was one last computer class and a help session for the on camera hot shoe flash.

I didn't do anything very exciting this weekend as I had to go to school on Saturday morning and work on my Visual Studies project. Cora had family in from out of town so we spent several hours on Saturday cleaning the house and cooking for dinner. It was a fun evening with lots of good food. Today I went to the Western Montana State Fair for a city-wide church service. It was a beautiful day to worship outside. The best part was that I met a guy from Wasilla who goes to WBC and knows a lot of my AK friends. What a small world! I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing my Photo Studies final. This final is a photo journalistic essay with a magazine query letter to an appropriate magazine. It felt a little like being back in college.

next week will be a week of finishing up and saying good bye to some of my friends that won't be staying for the rest of the program. Friday is graduation if anyone is in the Missoula area and wants to see a lot of photography.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! and the fruit looks delicious! The portraits are very natural, I like your style! Wow, you are doing GREAT!

I like the blue one too, and as you taught the kids "Great idea, Aunt Carrie!"



Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are enjoying your new venture. Love, grandma Lambing

Anonymous said...

Carrie!! I've never really read people's blogs, but it's something that I'll be doing a lot more of. I'm so excited and happy for you and your adventures. You are still greatly missed back in Alaska. And your pictures are amazing, how awesome that you get to pursue a passion and talent that God has given you!!

Anonymous said...

Woops... this isn't Facebook. The last comment was from me,