Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Week 9

It is high time I caught you up on last week. It was a short week of class with only two full days. Most of them were in lighting and studio. We had one class to get ready for our big final project where our classmates looked at our images and gave us feedback. It was good, but confusing for me. Some of what I had in my head didn't translate to my classmates so that was a bit frustrating as we are in the final days of this project.

We then had a 5 day break from class. Wednesday I spent all day writing my business plan for my business and marketing class. Thursday I worked on my final project, ran errands, and went with Cora to her parent's house for dinner. Friday I worked on a few things and then headed north again. This time for a "photocentric" view of Glacier. Cora's brother, Lucas, took me to some of his favorite spots in return, I brought along my older digital slr and gave him some photography pointers. So with dueling cameras, we hiked a little in the Two Medicine area, drove up to the Chief Mountain trail head (but it started raining just as we got there), stopped at one of the most iconic photo spots in Glacier, took lots of pictures of waterfalls, and had coffee at Many Glacier Hotel where we saw the other side of the peak we climbed last weekend. Another great weekend and fun adventure.


Kraxpelax said...
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Ryan Rahn said...

I like the lighting in the first, and the reflection in the second. The others are good too, of course!

I've been enjoying your updates - keep them coming!

maxwellhouse said...

Hey Carrie! I just wanted to say that your pictures are GORGEOUS. I love keeping up with you on your blog. Thanks for being so diligent.

Marie said...

It was cool to read your Wednesday post about going up and taking pictures of the glaciers, because on Wednesday I was on Worthington glacier taking pictures.

I really like the pictures lately, you are very talented. I especially liked that first one, the purple is so perfect.

Miss you Carrie.