Sunday, October 12, 2008

Advanced Intensive Week 5

One week to go. Next week will mostly be presenting final projects and then graduation on Friday. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the final projects, which is a very nice feeling. It is really hard to believe that this journey is coming to an end. In many ways it is bitter sweet. I am sad to be leaving my friends and this photographic bubble that I have been living in. But I am also excited to get out and do everything that we have been learning.

Other notes:
Dad had back surgery on Thursday to remove a tumor in his back. He is doing really well. You can read Mom's update on their blog.

I was excited to see this version of the Blog List (to the right) on the Bacon Bits blog this week and couldn't wait to update mine so that I could have the date of the last post. Now I didn't have to go to the blog to see that they hadn't posted anything new.

I was required to start a photography blog for my business and marketing class final. This one is supposed to be focused on relevant photography information. Here is my new blog

I have a logo! A classmate from this summer, from Finland, is a designer and worked with me over the last few weeks via the internet to create this logo.
I included this photo because a couple of you have been asking to see some photoshop-ing. This is the way the image was printed for my final... after photoshop-ing. Last week's version was straight out of camera. It may be a bit subtle for you to see online. But when retouching photos the goal is that people won't know that you did anything to it.

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