Sunday, October 12, 2008

Montana Friends and Family

I was able to take pictures of my Montana friends and family this weekend.

This is the Jones family. They were quick to adopt me and take me on a lot of my adventures this summer. I know that my summer wouldn't have been nearly as fun if it hadn't been for their generosity.

Cora (on the right)was my roomie for the summer. Lucas (center) took me with him on some Glacier Ntn'l Park adventures this summer. Alli, on the left and Pat and Greg took me boating, and to a great cabin and fed me more than once.

And this is Lee and Marnie (originally from SD so they feel like they could be long lost family), good friends of the Jones clan. They also fed me and played cards with us this summer. This weekend they let me come out to their house and take portraits of them.

Thanks for making this summer so much fun!

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Jen said...

CARRIE :) WE ARE GOING TO GET OUR DAUGHTER FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! WE FLY OUT TONIGHT :) WHAT A JOURNEY. I know you will pray for us, Molly and the boys. Thanks and watch for video updates!
Love you, Jen