Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back in Boise

Yesterday I had a relatively uneventful drive from Missoula to Boise. I wondered how it would go when I dumped coffee on my lap as I was pulling onto the highway in Missoula. But despite the coffee smell, I drove through rain, snow and sunshine with very little traffic or delay. I was at Misty and Peter's by 6 and had dinner with the family. It was almost surreal to be back to 'normal' life where everything was much the same, except that the twins can communicate in complete sentences. The first thing out of Joe's mouth when I stooped down to hug him was "Why is there a bicycle on your car, Aunt Carrie?" But we are having fun!

Tomorrow I get to have coffee with Missy, a friend from photography school. Then lunch with my friends at Young Life. Talk about worlds colliding.


Sodak Girl said...

I've been wondering how the first leg of your journey away from school went. Glad you are there and enjoying the 'wonder' that is being an aunt--one of my all-time favorite roles in the world.
~With love from Aunt Laila!

Kim said...

hey Carrie, I miss you! I made it safely back to St. Paul yesterday afternoon. It is nice to be back, but I miss everyone. It is so strange that we are scattering around the country once again, but it was a great summer! Hope your transtion back to "normal" life goes well!