Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Beach

Living in Alaska in the wintertime creates a severe longing for the sun. This can manifest its self in many ways. Most Alaskans wing their way to sunny Hawaii at least once during the winter. It is the closest and warmest place to escape. Many conversations turn to the number of daylight hours we are loosing or gaining, the warmth of the sun, the lack of sunshine, and dreaming of warm places. It really isn't that we don't love living in Alaska, the beautiful mountains, or the snow. We do love a beautiful new snow as much as a sunny warm day. We just feel the need for sun more when we don't have it.

So this winter I began planning my sunny escape. This included some very dear friends across the Pacific. Zach and Jane Keller and their 3 kids have been living in the Philippines for 8 months now. Zach is a pilot who will be flying a helicopter to support missionaries in hard to reach tribal locations. Since they arrived they have been living in Manila and working hard to learn Tagalog.

It has been wonderful to see a little piece of their life here. They have been so generous to spend their time taking us around Manila, talking to us about the people and culture, and doing special things just for us. It is fun to watch them share the things that they have learned to love.

We were the perfect excuse to go exploring. Jane found a Filipino resort on a beach a couple hours away. Armed with a map, the new-to-them van, and our beach gear, we headed south. Winding our way through small villages we arrived at a beautiful beach. It was the perfect place to escape the city... the warm ocean, cool breezes, snorkeling, massages, beaches to comb, and the sun. We felt so spoiled by such an amazing place. The only downside was the sun burn and water-logged iphone. Other than that, it was a perfect vacation.

Check my facebook for a few photos...

On Wednesday we will hop on another plane to fly over to Cambodia to visit another amazing person. But more on that later.

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