Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Sunday we went to the Mall of Asia. Think of the Mall of America only bigger and partially open air. It was materialism at it's finest. Just a few miles down the road we passed shocking living conditions clinging to the side of the road. It is hard to reconcile such poverty and wealth living side by side. So many living with so little. I never quite know what to do with sights like these. I know it exists, but how does this change how I live? But aside from these sobering sights, we had a great time walking along Manila bay enjoying the breezes and learning a little more about this culturally complex place.

This morning was more about day to day life. Jane took us to a local market for some fruits, vegetables and shrimp. My favorite thing was watching Jane asking questions, learning new words and enjoying the people she met. Our walk to the market gave a pedestrian view of the crazy traffic. Hundreds of busses, jeepneys, and cars clogging the road. Yesterday's journey was in the family's new van that they are enjoying. The passenger view is just as crazy, by the way.

Happy Valentines Day!

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