Thursday, June 05, 2008

Checking In

That would be bringing my own caffeinated beverage, Amy. But thanks for the fun visual. The chairs are still terrible in the lecture room... but at least they added tables so we can lean on them if necessary.

Tomorrow I am heading out to take some pictures with a couple of classmates at 6am. Anyone want to join us? It has been raining every day and cold enough that I wore a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans today with a jacket. I am ready for summer to come back.

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Kim said...

Hey, my friend. Rainy season started her 20 days earlier than last year. 20 days too soon, if you ask me...which no one has. I can't WAIT for going somewhere with SUN!!! That being said, yesterday and today were nice so I am the laundry queen, yet again! Can't wait to see some pics!!! I've never been to Montana!