Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We are already 11 days into June and it snowed today! Not just a few flakes, but the white carpet covering the hillsides surrounding town. I actually had to use my windshield wipers to clear the snow off of my car windshield this morning. I am quite baffle by this. I understand that I am living at a higher elevation, but this is crazy. I have been wearing my winter clothes I brought for fall. I even broke out my orange wool coat this morning so I wouldn't freeze to death on the 7 minute walk from where I park (it's free) to the school.

Classes are going well. It is amazing that nearly all of them are 4 hours long, but don't really fell like it. I feel fortunate that most of it has been stuff that I have heard before (but not necessarily used). It makes grasping the concepts much faster. Although I do have a feeling that any day now I will be in over my head and really have to start practicing harder. My most current delema is what to do for meals each day. I don't want to eat out, but sandwiches get old really fast and there is no microwave or refrigerator at the school for us to use. AND I am already carrying what seems like 25lbs of gear each day (especially if I have to bring my monster laptop). Any ideas?


Kim said...

If you had a rice cooker, you could have the occasional onigiri (rice balls). Hmmmm. Jun and I seem to be having lunches of questionable nutrition lately, too. Daddy gets the left overs from dinner for his lunch box, and we scrounge. I need to get my act together!

Sodak Girl said...

No lunch ideas at the moment, but this thought DID cross my mind... Are you keeping up with your March - October flip-flop routine, or has the cold weather and SNOW caused you to drag out the socks and shoes again? :) Just had to ask. :)