Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Friends and New Friends

It was getting late last night when I was writing so I didn't get to telling you about Saturday.

A couple of months ago I connected with some college friends via Facebook. They were living in Spokane, Washington. A mere 3 hour drive from Missoula. The only catch was that they are moving to Virginia this month. So I hopped in my car Saturday morning for a little road trip.

Matt and Jessica Roberts are good friends from college. We spent 4 years together at Sterling College and then had the privilege of going to Russia the summer after our sophomore year. Jessica even pulled out her photo album of our adventure in Russia. I wish I had a picture to put up here of the three of us back in the day. We were a site, that is for sure. That summer I remember telling Jessica that she and Matt were going to get married one day... and they admitted that they fell in love that summer. They were married a week after we graduated from college and I was able to attend their wedding. Over the years we have been in touch off and on. The last time we saw each other was our 5 year college reunion...7 years ago.

It was such a fun day catching up on our lives, the lives of other friends we have kept up with, and meeting their kids, Karis and Lucas. We went to an amazing park for the afternoon. Here are a few pictures of my old friends and new little ones.

The best part about seeing Matt and Jess was that the 7 years didn't seem to matter. We were able to pick up where we left off and enjoy one another just as before. I am a little sad that they are moving so far away. But hopefully it won't be 7 years before we meet again.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how all kids are drawn to Super Aunt Carrie! Love the fern pic!


Kim said...

What sweet pictures, Carrie! And, yep, as Misty said, you are the Super Auntie!