Sunday, June 01, 2008

Welcome to Missoula

I am here! Yesterday I left Boise about 10am. I wasn't in a huge hurry. My goal was to get to Missoula before dark. Traffic wasn't too bad and I stopped to stretch a few times. Misty thought I should have a picture of my weighed down car. The kids really thought it was great to help pack the car. It was hard to say good bye as I had anticipated. But I did manage to tear my self away.

The self portrait is at the top of White Bird Hill about half way between Boise and Missoula.

I arrived in Missoula at 7pm, noting the WalMart and Safeway stores as I drove by. I knew my roomate wouldn't be home so I found the key, let myself in, unpacked my car, drove to WalMart and Safeway for food and other important items before I crashed at 10:30pm. I couldn't keep my eyes open to meet my roomate. So I didn't actuallly meet Cora until this morning. She is very nice, but just had knee surgery on Thursday so she is a little out of it. A couple of her friends came by to take her to church and invited me along. After church we went to lunch and they drove me around Missoula to show me how to get around. Once we got back to the house I made another run to WalMart. I think I have been to WalMart more in the last 24 hours than I went to WalMart in Boise in nearly 2 years. I did spot a Target, so I will have to stop there later to see if they had the things I couldn't find at WalMart.

And this is my room. Note the Japanese futon... it is always good to be able to pack your bed in a duffle bag. Thanks Kim and Ryu for your help to get my futon back to the US. Then there is all of the stuff that still needs to be unpacked, but I just don't quite know where to put it. I have a closet, but no dresser for clothes. I guess I will probably end up hanging everything up in the closet.
Tomorrow things kick off at the school... 8:30am orientation. I will let you know how it goes.


Kim said...

Hey Carrie! Glad your trip was safe! Your room looks great! Now if you could get a dresser you could stuff in a duffle bag! Can't wait to hear about your classes and see your pics! Love, Kim, Ryu and Jun

SKKD Lambing said...

What beautiful pictures of White Bird area, how did your car do on the Windy Mountain. How was the Selway Area? Kooskia/ Man my old stomping Grounds. I hope you enjoy the beauti, and take lots of pictures to post on your blog and calendar next year. Have a great class and time in Missula,

ace said...

I'm excited for you friend! Keep us posted! Love ya lots!