Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Alaska Bonfire

My buddy, Tov... he generally looks this grubby during a bonfire.

When I moved back to Alaska this spring I knew two things: I was coming 'home' to an amazing place... and that it was going to be very different than when I lived here before. I mentally prepared myself for the changes. Friends I once depended on have moved away, others are married, and there are more new babies than I can count. I knew that my 'place' in this community did not exist as it once had. That I would be re-making my place and it would look very different. I am happy to say that the transition hasn't been nearly as traumatic as I thought it might be. I have caught up with many old friends and adjusted to the number of little ones running around. And I have begun to find my new 'place' here.

This summer has brought about a weekly bonfire with good friends. We sit around a smokey fire, soaking in incredible Alaskan views all around, eating great food that is provided potluck style, and enjoying some fantastic fellowship. This time with friends has been so very good for my soul.

Thanks for hosting, Zach and Jane. I don't want to even think about how lonely it will be without you.

This is my summer solstice photo taken June 21. According to my exif data for this photo it was 11:24 pm (the sun set about 11:42 pm). Note the snow on top of the mountain... it is JUNE ... ah Alaska!

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rubyslipperlady said...

a WEEKLY campfire?! I'm jealous!