Thursday, March 09, 2006


Sorry for the delayed blogs on my travels... it has been harder to get to this than I had hoped.

Hawaii... I can't help but love it. And having my good friend greet me with an intoxicating lei, just made it even better. Rachael arrived with little Sophia and Jennison and whisked me away to a Starbucks. We played in the park for a little while and then went to the kids' music class. That was lots of fun. My favorite moment was when Sophia found the conductor's wand in the musical instrument pile and conducted the class.

We went back to the house so I could grab a quick shower. And then headed to the north shore for some alfresco mexican food... which was wonderful. Between entertaining the kids, Rachael and I began to scratch the surface of catching up on our lives. The day was turning out to be a rainy one... but we didn't mind. As the kids napped Rachael and I talked the afternoon away. Zach came and went with work and appointments. And after the kids went to bed Zach, Rach and I watched the olympics and laughed the evening away. It felt so good to finally lay down that night. I don't remember much after my head hit the pillow.

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