Thursday, March 09, 2006


My last day of vacation... it is always sad to see my adventures come to an end.

We had a leasurely morning and then headed Honolulu. Rachael had a class and I was going to spend the day on Waikiki by myself. She dropped me off and went to meet up with Zach for the kid switch. I wandered along the beach and made my first calls back to Alaska since I left. It was a little hard to believe that in less than 24 hours I would be back in the snow and cold.

I found some lunch and people watched for awhile. Then I staked out a spot in the grass and pulled out my book. I spent a lovely afternoon with a book and the sun. It was nice not to go or do anything for several hours. Once the book was finished I meandered back toward the crowds and the live music that had started. Overall, it as a satisfying afternoon.

Rachael picked me up and we headed home. I spent the rest of my evening packing and cleaning up. It was time to say goodbye once again. Zach took me to the airport about 10 to catch my midnight flight.

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