Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saying Goodbye

Kim made us apple pancakes on our last morning in Japan. It was a lovely breakfast with sweet conversation. Then the sorting and packing began. Kim had another class so we went to class with her and had coffee with four ladies for about a half an hour. Then Kim continued with class and one of the women took us to a fabric store where we bought Japanese fabrics. Then returned to the class and they took us to lunch. Then it was back to the apartment and the final rush of packing.

We all took a deep breath before begining the adventure of lugging all our luggage (including my futon) on the trains. Kim escorted us about 30 mintues on our train journey to the airport and stood with us on the train platform as we waited for the final train to take us to the airport. This is where we had to say goodbye. And I was a little bit surprised at the emotion of saying goodbye. Kim stood just outside our door and waved until we couldn't see her anymore...I fought tears the rest of the day. It is hard to put into words what an impact this one amazing woman has had on my life.

Lorrie and I ended up standing most of the hour long train ride to the airport. Another downside to having lots of luggage. We arrived and much to my joy, they had free carts at the airport. Lorrie checked in first because she left nearly 2 hours before my plane. Then I checked in and we moved through security and customs. By then we were starving so we found a little shop by Lorrie's gate and sat down for one last meal. And too soon it was time for another goodbye. For the second time that day I stood and waved goodbye to a dear friend until I couldn't see her anymore. I turned and walked to my gate and thankfully lost myself in some olympic snowbording until my plane boarded.

On the plane, I found my seat and relaxed. The plane was quite empty and I had an empty seat next to me. It was a qick and easy flight. I sighed a prayer of thanks as we touched down in Honolulu. After customs and gathering my luggage, I called my friend Rachael Brown. As I waited for her to arrive I changed from my socks and shoes to my flip flops. It was very good to be back in Hawaii. More on that in my next post...

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Friar Tuck said...

Sounds like a wonderful time.